The best-selling Ultimate Fishing Simulator has received a unique addition – the Aquariums DLC. Thanks to this, virtual fishing enthusiasts can now customize intricate aquariums and showcase the fish they’ve caught. Meanwhile, Fishing Adventure now has the Finland Reserve DLC, offering players an entirely new fishing location. Both paid DLCs made their debut on PC on August 14.

Polish company Ultimate Games S.A. is responsible for releasing these DLCs for Ultimate Fishing Simulator and Fishing Adventure. For now, these DLCs are available only for the PC version (on Steam).

Ultimate Fishing Simulator – Aquariums DLC

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is one of the most popular fishing games in recent years and concurrently the highest-rated in its category, boasting a 90% positive rating from over 5,700 reviews on Steam and a Metascore of 70/100. The game offers single-player and multiplayer modes. Ultimate Fishing Simulator is also available in VR.

The Aquariums DLC is the eleventh addition to Ultimate Fishing Simulator, released in 2018. This DLC expands the game with entirely new features. Players can now utilize an entirely new aquarium section where they can collect and display fish they’ve caught. The addition allows players to manage their collection within up to 7 large aquariums. The new options provide significant freedom in customizing the aquariums, including, for instance, selecting the type of water and interior elements.

Ultimate Games S.A. has announced that they are currently working on the next 5 add-ons: Florida, Bow & Trident, Australia, Italy, and Alaska.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Fishing Adventure: Finland Reserve

Fishing Adventure is a relaxing single-player fishing game based on straightforward principles. Released in 2019, the title currently has an 86% positive rating on Steam, based on nearly 1,200 reviews. Importantly, Fishing Adventure has been optimized to run smoothly on computers with lower technical specifications.

The new DLC takes players to Finland, where they can experience pristine waters and a variety of fish species. The catalog of available fish includes perch, pike-perch (zander), salmon, and brook trout. In the Finland Reserve, players will encounter a unique fishing spot – a lake featuring both sharp, rocky coastlines and tranquil coves.

Fishing Adventure is available on PC (Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.