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  1. Introduction
    Welcome to Ultimate Fishing Mobile. By accessing and using our game, you agree to abide by these Terms of Service. Please read them carefully.
  1. Gameplay Mechanics
    • Fishing Methods: Players can fish in two ways – float fishing and spinning. Through fishing, players earn currency, experience, and ranking points. These values are calculated based on the weight of the fish, its rarity, and the player character’s skills. The amount of experience points determines the player’s level, which in turn unlocks additional maps, fishing methods, and boat mechanics.
    • Fish Storage: Players have the option to store the caught fish in a chest corresponding to its rarity. Storing a fish in a chest requires watching an advertisement unless the player has purchased a premium license.
  2. Chests
    • Types: Chests come in four types: normal, rare, epic, and legendary, corresponding to the rarity of the fish. Once a chest is filled with fish (10 fish), the player can open it.
    • Opening: Opening a chest requires a certain amount of time (ranging from 5 seconds to 8 hours, depending on the chest type). This time can be reduced by 25% by watching an advertisement.
  3. Maps and Licenses
    • Maps: There are five maps available in the game. Maps are unlocked as the player progresses, measured by their levels.
    • Licenses: To access a map, players must purchase one of two licenses: standard or premium. The standard license offers 20 minutes of fishing after watching an advertisement. The premium license offers 30 minutes of fishing for a price of 20 Scales (or 80 Coins for VIP accounts).
  4. Rankings
    • System: The ranking is a table that displays the ranking points collected by players in a given season and assigns them a position. The player with the highest number of ranking points (PR) is ranked first.
    • Ranking Points (PR): Players earn points for catching fish. Basic point values are: 1 for a common fish, 2 for a rare fish, 3 for an epic fish, and 4 for a legendary fish. An additional source of PR is Competitions.
    • Season: The ranking duration is one month. At the end of the month, the season changes, resetting the ranking and awarding players prizes based on their positions.
    • Records: During the seasons, data on the type, rarity, and weight of the fish is collected. Based on this data, records are set for each type of fish.
  5. Competitions
    • Nature: Competitions are shorter seasons. Instead of ranking points, players are given specific tasks to complete, based on which we create the competition ranking (otherwise qualification). Competitions last a week and are assigned to a specific map available in the game. During competitions, level restrictions required to enter a map are lifted.
    • Player Grouping: Players are grouped based on their level for competition purposes. Group I includes levels 1-5, Group II includes levels 6-10, Group III includes levels 11-15, and Group IV includes levels 16-20.
  6. Friends
    Players can search for friends in the game by nickname and send friend requests. Players can also send friend requests directly from the rankings page.
  1. Social Media Bonus
    Players can receive a one-time bonus for liking the game’s profile on Twitter or Facebook.
  1. Shop
    In the shop, players can purchase equipment, bait, lures, packs, currency (Coins), and premium currency (Scales). Everything in the game, except for Scales, can be purchased with Coins earned through gameplay. Scales can be purchased with real money.
  1. VIP Package
    The VIP package is a subscription service that offers a variety of exclusive bonuses. Players are initially provided with a complimentary 3-day trial. Before the conclusion of this free trial, users have the option to cancel the service if they decide against transitioning to the paid subscription. If the subscription is not canceled by the end of the trial, it will automatically renew at a rate equivalent to 14.99 PLN per week, converted to the local currency at the prevailing exchange rate. The corresponding amount in the local currency will be debited from your Google Play account upon the confirmation of the purchase.The subscription is set to auto-renew by default, but this can be deactivated at least 24 hours before the current period ends. If not deactivated, the account will be charged for the renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, and the renewal fee will be displayed in the account. Users have the ability to manage their subscriptions and can disable the auto-renewal feature by navigating to the Account Settings post-purchase.

    Should there be any portion of the free trial left unused, it will be forfeited once a subscription is purchased by the user. For a comprehensive understanding, kindly refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy available in the game’s settings.

  1. Conclusion
    By using Ultimate Fishing Mobile, you agree to these terms. If you disagree with any part of these terms, please discontinue use of the game.