As you probably noticed (or maybe not), we have reached the Kickstarter’s basic threshold! We reached it together!
Therefore, the Ultimate Fishing Simulator will be available in Early Access from November 30th!

What’s next?

The game will be developed according to our plan, which should be published on steam at the end of the week. Updates schedule may change due to feedback and opinions provided by you, which is very important to us. Thanks to you the game is going in a better direction. Thank you!


For this moment (15-11-2017), Kickstarter has reached the required minimum threshold of 10,000 CA$. This allows us to release the game in Early Access. The game will be available for purchase on Steam from November 30, 2017.

What about the other kickstarter GOALS?

They will probably be released at a later stage of development. Currently, we want to focus on the development of basic things in the game. By the end of this year, we plan to publish at least one big update, which will include Level Editor and the second (if we will have enough time) – Ice fishing. We will also try to add new equipment on a regular basis. We don’t want you to be bored!

Demo Keys? When I will get key for Early Access?

There are also many questions about the DEMO version. It is only available to those who supported our project on Kickstarter. The codes are sent 1 or 2 times a day (we have to do it manually). Of course Demo gameplay can be recorded, streamed, etc.

On the Kickstarter website we have written that you will need to fill out a special form to receive the early access code. Forget about this ? The codes will be sent to all people who have reached the required threshold to receive the full version of the game.

Where is PayPal?

Unfortunately PayPal payments are not supported by Kickstarter due to the nature of the portal. We need to add this payment channel manually. If all goes well, paypal payments will be available this weekend.


By the end of this month, the dedicated Ultimate Fishing Simulator forum will be launched. It will be expanded and will focus on collecting your feedback. All fish, equipment, levels and techniques will be listed there. You will be able to express your opinions, give us hints and generally make things better. But there will be a separate announcement at the end of the month.


We are working hard to make the new GUI ready for the UFS premiere, which will make our game look even more beautiful, more intuitive and more functional. We hope you will like it!

It’s all for today;) If you have any questions – post them in the comments!