At the beginning, we would like to thank everyone for participating in the poll! The results of some responses surprised us and others were in line with our expectations.

Here are some of the results.

Many of you expressed your willingness to co-create Ultimate Fishing Simulator with us and access to the game in Early Access:

68% of you think that multiplayer is an important function in the game.

Here was the biggest surprise. Our team was on Ground Fishing, and it turned out that the more preferred methods of fishing in the game is Sea Fishing and Fly Fishing.

Other 8% had different proposals. From new maps, species of fish, boats to bow fishing.

Another surprise. Almost all of us were betting on a cheaper version.

And last one…almost 3/4 of participants, know about Ultimate Fishing Simulator from Steam. Interesting 🙂

Once again Thank yo u all for your participation. It means a lot for us!

Later today we will publish informations about beta tests.

Ultimate-Games Team