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Ultimate Fishing Simulator reaches its Kickstarter goal!

Ahoy! As you probably noticed (or maybe not), we have reached the Kickstarter's basic threshold! We reached it together! Therefore, the Ultimate Fishing Simulator will be available in Early Access from November 30th! What's next? The game will be developed according to our plan, which should be published on steam at the end of the week. Updates schedule may change due to feedback and opinions provided by you, which is very important to us. Thanks to you the game is going in a better direction. Thank you! Kickstarter For this moment (15-11-2017), Kickstarter has reached the required minimum threshold of 10,000 CA$. This allows us to release the game in Early Access. The game will be available for purchase on Steam [...]

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Early Alpha Game Ratings and Kickstarter Demo

Below you can some numbers after the summary of our beta tests!   As we promised, Kickstarter DEMO will be out before 12.11 and here it is! Check your Kickstarter messages! You have a code there! How to Activate Demo Code? Simply: Open STEAM Click in the left down corner "Add Game..." "Activate a Product on Steam" Paste your code Enjoy https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5414-tfbn-1352 Enjoy playing, and spread the word about the game, we still have 15 days to go, and many to achieve!

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Ultimate Fishing Simulator MOBILE

Our mobile developer team has just released a mobile version of Ultimate Fishing Simulator in Google Play store. You can download it for free here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.UltimateGames.Fishing Game will be soon realeased on iOS! Best Regards, Rafał Jelonek - Product Manager / Ultimate Games S.A.

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Ultimate Fishing Simulator is out on Kickstarter

Dear Community, As I informed you earlier - Ultimate Fishing Simulator started Kickstarter campaign. This is related to many factors, as you can read below. Why Kickstarter? You can read about that below - but it is associated with many things, which reached to us in last weeks. We are a really small team and we have limited financial resources for the production of this game. But most importantly - we did not expect such an interest in our game at all! By creating our game, we assumed that it would have a completely different character - more arcade. Over time, we created more and more demonstration materials, and the response we received showed us that people don`t want this type of [...]

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Beta #2 Summary

Hello, many of you have been waiting for a summary of the beta test #2. For the second time we received a huge number of submissions, which included both bug information as well as gameplay suggestions and other aspects of the game. There is a lot of work ahead of us. Here are some of the changes that await us: thorough reconstruction of the float method, creating more and better quality animation, rebuilding and developing the combat system, reconstruction of the physics system, rebuilding of the equipment strength system, rebuilding of the reel system, changes in the physics of the line, rebuilding of the landing net system, changes in physical objects (eg boats), …and a lot of smaller things We want [...]

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BETA Tests #1 – Getting started

Welcome, it's time for the moment awaited by everyone. Informations about beta tests. Before we go into details, I have some good information for you. First of all, these are not the last beta tests. We decided that we would organize more such tests. Your feedback is so great that we are already afraid (heh) of the amount of information (of course, in a positive sense). We know that this will help us to improve the game and bring it to the much higher level with your help. We will also soon release official information about game development and its future. Going to the first round of beta tests :) Several hundred people applied for the tests. Unfortunately we couldn't take you all [...]

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Survey #1 Results

At the beginning, we would like to thank everyone for participating in the poll! The results of some responses surprised us and others were in line with our expectations. Here are some of the results. Many of you expressed your willingness to co-create Ultimate Fishing Simulator with us and access to the game in Early Access: 68% of you think that multiplayer is an important function in the game. Here was the biggest surprise. Our team was on Ground Fishing, and it turned out that the more preferred methods of fishing in the game is Sea Fishing and Fly Fishing. Other 8% had different proposals. From new maps, species of fish, boats to bow fishing. Another surprise. Almost all of us [...]

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