it’s time for the moment awaited by everyone. Informations about beta tests.

Before we go into details, I have some good information for you. First of all, these are not the last beta tests. We decided that we would organize more such tests. Your feedback is so great that we are already afraid (heh) of the amount of information (of course, in a positive sense). We know that this will help us to improve the game and bring it to the much higher level with your help.

We will also soon release official information about game development and its future.

Going to the first round of beta tests 🙂 Several hundred people applied for the tests. Unfortunately we couldn’t take you all (we are too small to analyze such a large feedback at once). We have selected 20% of the entries, verifying the correctness of each. Remember this is the first beta test and there will be another. So if you did not catch up now, you’ll still have a chance!

Beta tests will be held on 29 Sep – 02 Oct.

Selected people will receive the details along with the steam key, to the e-mail address given in the application. Messages should be sent no later than Friday (29.09).

Remember that we really care about your suggestions, reporting bugs and CRITICS. Yes – criticism. I know that it can sometimes be frustrating „so much time we spent on developing and there is still something wrong” but it is really helpful in creating a quality product.

Thank you all for your support!

Please regularly check your mailboxes 🙂

Ultimate Games Team

Ps. Someone asked me for GUI screenshot today, so I attached just two screenshots. This is GUI prepared for BETA tests, it can be really different from one in final version.