many of you have been waiting for a summary of the beta test #2.

For the second time we received a huge number of submissions, which included both bug information as well as gameplay suggestions and other aspects of the game. There is a lot of work ahead of us. Here are some of the changes that await us:

  • thorough reconstruction of the float method,
  • creating more and better quality animation,
  • rebuilding and developing the combat system,
  • reconstruction of the physics system,
  • rebuilding of the equipment strength system,
  • rebuilding of the reel system,
  • changes in the physics of the line,
  • rebuilding of the landing net system,
  • changes in physical objects (eg boats),
  • …and a lot of smaller things

We want to bring to life all the changes and ideas suggested by beta testers and of course remove any bugs. We will inform you about the progress of our work.

I will not lie – we received a clear message from you – the game requires CHANGES. And so it will happen. We want to make a game with you and for you. Unfortunately, this is due to delays in production and a large amount of work.

Unfortunately, this is tantamount to delays in production and will require a considerable amount of work.

Therefore, the game is available from now on KickStarter! More details in next post.