Dear Community,

As I informed you earlier – Ultimate Fishing Simulator started Kickstarter campaign. This is related to many factors, as you can read below. Why Kickstarter? You can read about that below – but it is associated with many things, which reached to us in last weeks.

We are a really small team and we have limited financial resources for the production of this game. But most importantly – we did not expect such an interest in our game at all!

By creating our game, we assumed that it would have a completely different character – more arcade. Over time, we created more and more demonstration materials, and the response we received showed us that people don`t want this type of game but a CLEAN and EXPANDEDfishing simulator.

So we started to change the game. We have thrown things that we often developed several weeks – but they were against the word „fishing simulator” (eg grenades…yeah…).

That’s why we decided to organize surveys and beta tests – to know your opinion. By collecting your feedback and analysing the current state of the game as “fishing simulator”, we decided to delay the release and launch KickStarter campaign.

The DLC plans have also changed. As I informed you before – we were planning to release 3 larger DLCs with fishing techniques, fisheries and fish species. However, this changed and the things that were to be included in these DLC will be included in the basic version of the game.This will affect the price of the game – however, it will only be a few dollars difference (yes, a few – not a dozen).

Therefore, in order to provide you the ULTIMATE Fishing Simulator, we run a Kickstarter campaign during which you will be able to purchase the game (at a lower price) and support its development. Thanks to that, we will be able to make a 100% game plan. Thanks to this, we will be able to develop game in 100%.

Our priority is still to create a game with you – with players. The thresholds seen in KickStarter are in many cases your ideas. For which we thank you!

Thanks to you we have seen new opportunities and new directions. We improve and modify the game to provide you – the best fishing simulator.

Early Access
If all goes well, the game will be available through Early Access at the end of November.

Thank you for your support!

Ultimate Fishing Simulator at Kickstarter:

Ultimate-Games Team