Ultimate Summer Boat

What exactly you always wanted to do with your rented boat? Are you sure it was just row gently down the stream? We are not able to stop you from doing that but…

We are able to allow you to do a “little” bit more. Ultimate Summer Boat is a survival boating game. Will you be able to survive on a boat?

As a poor man you can always do some job to earn money but also there are ways for easier cash…


* Rent a boat
* Sail through canals and locks
* Do small jobs to earn money for food and better boats
* Moor your boat, fight against the wind and stream
* Catch a fish
* Set a camp with a tent and bonefire to survive the night
* Follow the law or suffer the consequences
* Adapt to weather conditions


This is your vacation and (almost) your boat! Spend it exactly as you want avoid the consequences of your bad choices.

Enjoy great fun!